Our “Secret” Ancient Solution to Beating Brain Fog and Repairing the Gut. 
(Without Wasting Energy on the WRONG Strategies or a complicated diet)
I will share the latest research on healing the gut and explain HOW I got my energy back after years of fatigue and despair so you can too. 
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Maybe you have already tried…. 
Probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods, vegetable juices, bone broth, MORE salad, diet plans, fasting….

There is so much promising stuff ...and so many specialists offering their opinions and services.

For some reason, as hard as some people work and no matter how much they do, there just isn't much improvement.

That was me.

Eventually I was able to figure it out, but it took me over 7 years of research. I wanted to give back in a different way that would save others time and money. 

I will go over what myself and many others have done to overcome fatigue, leaky gut and activate our brains true potential so you can too.

How to restore your energy from the cellular level and beyond.

The diet and supplement strategies that work, and the ones that don't work (even though the big supplement companies will try to tell you otherwise).

I will get into the latest research on how to actually nurture our fragile microbiome, the truth about probiotics and fermented foods, and why probiotic supplements may not actually be the best way to go.

Leaky gut starts with how we digest what we eat - If we can't actually get the nutrition out of our food, of course we won't have much energy!

I'll explain the best ways to boost your digestion to maximize absorption of your food and get your money's worth from supplements.

I'm here to help. Let's get you the rapid results you deserve.

Monday, June 25th

@ 7:00PM EST, 4:00PM PST

Limited Space Available 

While many people are advertising webinars for gut health and energy, we aren't going to waste your time with information you could easily find with a google search.

Jonathan Pantalis

Public Speaker & Founder of Phi Kind.
For over 7 years Jonathan has been researching health and nutrition working with top doctors, dentists and other health experts.
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
What You Can Do Right NOW to Stop Fatigue in Its Tracks
I'll take you on an in depth look at the root of most energy issues. If we don't have energy, how can we do the things we want to in life, when we want to do them?  Nobody should have to wait another minute to feel better.
The Secrets To A Healthy Gut - Beyond Fermented Foods 
Our gut is involved in much more than digestion. We will talk about why probiotics might not be enough. I want to show you foods and simple techniques to improve hydration that can have a profound impact on our gut health.
Why Diet Is NOT the Answer - How To Set Ourselves Up For Success 
Healthy diet is SO critical but it's not the only answer to this complex topic. I'll show you the tools you can start using today to support your mental and physical performance. 
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